Crewe Brothers to Walk 417 miles for Dementia Appeal

Starting on 16th April, Alan and Stuart Mackay will start a 417 mile walk from Edinburgh to Leighton Hospital in Crewe. The brothers want to raise funds for the Mid Cheshire Hospitals ‘Everybody Knows Somebody’ Dementia Appeal.

Alan works in the theatres at Leighton Hospital, which is why the pair decided to raise money for the Mid Cheshire Hospitals Charity Dementia Appeal. Donations made to the appeal are used to create dementia-friendly improvements to the hospitals; creating safe and attractive spaces not only makes a difference to hundreds of patients living with dementia, but to their families as well.

Alan and Stuart have been long distance walking for 4 years. ‘Walk n Boots’ started as a hiking holiday in the West Highland Way, Scotland, but it soon turned into an epic journey. During a previous adventure in 2016, the brothers were even accompanied by Stuart’s daughter, Anna, and their dog Jet. The 3-week hike is their next big challenge. The 417 mile journey starts on 16th April in Edinburgh and will end at the beginning of May at Leighton Hospital, Crewe.

Alan and Stuart are currently busy preparing for their journey and have commented “A BIG thank you to those supporting us with your donations. It will go along way to helping people with dementia and also keeping us going on the hike knowing we’re doing it for you as well.”

Mid Cheshire Hospitals Charity wants to wish the brothers good luck. Emma Robertson, Mid Cheshire Hospitals Charity Manager, said, “We are in awe of what Stuart and Alan are doing for our appeal! This is a huge challenge even for experienced walkers like them, so we would like to wish them both the very best of luck with their journey. Our ‘Everybody Knows Somebody Appeal’ will allow us to make a big difference to the care and experience people living with dementia have at our hospitals and all the money that the brothers raise will get us closer to achieving our aims.”

The Mackay brothers’ story is an example of how people can contribute to the ‘Everybody Knows Somebody’ Dementia Appeal. People can start fundraising for the appeal themselves or make donations at

To support Alan and Stuart, donations can be made to the brothers’ Virgin Money Giving Page ‘Walk n Boots’. The target is to raise £1.000 for the Dementia Appeal. Alan and Stuart will be posting pictures and stories from their journey on their Facebook page ‘@WalknBootsUK’.

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