Focus: Lonely This Christmas

Focus Lonely This ChristmasThis month’s Focus on tThe Cat for the month of December is Isolation and Loneliness. This was the same theme December 2018 and was a great success.

Christmas time can be a time when people feel lonely especially when everyone else is with their family and friends. We are however lucky to have such a supportive and vibrant community.

Throughout the month of December will be inviting the local community to come and talk about the support that they will be providing throughout December and the New Year.

From local food banks, helping those in need, to community groups providing Christmas meals, we are looking forward to talking to them all.

Also joining us are groups that run throughout the year that help combat loneliness. Loneliness and isolation does not just impact the elderly and we want to reflect that in the guests that we have on the show. We have a great local community that caters for the needs of everyone.

As well as our Focus topics our usual Christmas celebrations will be taking place in our usual line up of great shows.

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