Nantwich Choral Societies Gala concert delights!

A packed St. Mary’s Church saw Gilbert and Sullivan win over TV’s World Cup offer last Saturday evening as aficionados of opera and friends of the choir gathered for Nantwich Choral Society’s Gala Concert. John Naylor, the Choral Society’s musical Director signalled the counter kick-off with a brief explanation of Gilbert and Sullivan’s first international hit, the comic opera H.M.S. Pinafore, before the choir burst forth with two musical numbers followed by a solo from Baritone, Richard Suart with supporting chorus.

The enthralled audience were treated to excerpts from another 10 of Gilbert and Sullivan’s operatic work in a peak performance which culminated with “once more the Gondolieri”, just before the final whistle was blown.

The Mayor of Nantwich Councillor David Marren, who attended the event with his consort Mayoress Belinda Marren, said: “The Town Council is an active supporter of the Choral Society and we are proud to be one of a small number of sponsors who help cover the cost of its wonderful productions. Tonight, evidenced that an amateur community choir, appropriately supported can entertain as well as the professionals. Their performance was superb entertainment that reminded me as to why Gilbert and Sullivan have maintained their popularity for so long; more than 140 years. The Choral Society is one of the largest and most successful amateur Choirs in the area and has around 100 members most of whom live in Nantwich and the surrounding villages. We’re proud to be associated with them. The Gala concert was very well done.”

Nantwich Choral Society is now in its 45th Season having started its life as an evening class and is now regarded as one of the most accomplished in the North West.

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