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On air:  Fridays 2pm-4pm
Presenters:  Stuart Mackay and Jen Ogle

‘At The Movies’ brings your favourite songs and soundtracks together for two hours of movie magic, playing music from across the decades of movie history; featuring segments like ‘Actors Corner’, with songs sung by the film stars; ‘The School Run’, featuring tracks from fun family movies; and the ‘At The Movies’ Specials focusing on seasonal movies around Valentine’s Day, Halloween and Christmas.

The show also brings you reviews from new cinema releases, films out to buy and the chance for the listener to send in their own review of any film they happened to have watched recently.  On top of that the show features movie news talking about what’s going on in the movie industry and a roundup of what’s showing at our local community groups in Crewe and Nantwich.

Presented by Stuart and Jen every Friday at 2pm, it’s a lot of fun celebrating your favourite moments on the big screen.

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Join Stuart & Jen for a fun filled 2 hours of movie news, reviews and the best music picked from soundtracks across the decades!more
Join Jen & Stuart for 2 hours of movie music, news & reviews!more
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