Special Documentary – Battle of Coronel and the Falklands

Battle of Coronel and the Falklands – One Towns Link to Two Forgotten Naval Battles of World War One airs this Sunday at 1pm on The Cat 107.9 FM, Crewe and Nantwich’s first ever full time FM community radio station.

On Rememberance Sunday at 1pm hear the the story of two unknown naval battles that occurred during the early years of the First World War.

The tale itself has everything you would expect from a Hollywood film script with colourful characters, action, adventure, tragedy and incredible luck.

The difference is that instead of coming from the mind of a scriptwriter all of these events and characters are true and involved local people.

Admiral Christopher Craddock decided to take his antiquated squadron into action against a more powerful German fleet off the coast of Chile which led to the loss of 1,575 sailors, including three men from Crewe.

The documentary has been produced locally and features local actors.

Hear it this Sunday 13th November at 1pm on 107.9 FM and thisisthecat.com/player

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