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£750,000 Accelerated Funding has been Awarded from Towns Fund

Crewe Lyceum

Crewe Town Board has been awarded £750,000 for an improvement scheme developed by the Crewe Cultural Forum for the Lyceum Square.

This is accelerated funding from the Government’s £3.6 billion Towns Fund and has been awarded to the partners in Crewe through the Crewe Town Board to help the town to ‘build back better’.

The project named ‘Ly2’ seeks to bring physical enhancements to Lyceum Square and its adjoining areas.

This will provide a significant outdoor space with infrastructure to hold open air events and animation activities including culture/arts with the participation of residents and visitors.

The benefits of the investment will include:

  • Encourage increased footfall into the town centre;
  • Enhance and support the offer of the £3m Market Hall Development;
  • A critical outdoor area in which to enjoy performances and entertainment from the Lyceum Theatre as well as festivals and special events created with and by local people and businesses; and
  • Help bring the community together.

It is anticipated that the development will provide economic regeneration opportunities for small businesses and will be an improvement to the vitality of the town centre.

Adam Knight, Director of Crewe Lyceum Theatre, Town Board member and Chair of the Cultural Forum: “The awarding of £750k accelerated funding for the re-imagining of Lyceum Square as a high-quality, community focused creative events space is a hugely exciting development.

Lyceum Square. Lumen 2019. (photo: Pete Robinson. Crewe Photographic Society)

“Crewe is people-powered and this project recognises and builds on the collective ambitions of local people as expressed through the work of the Crewe Cultural Forum, August’s Covid-safe CreWE CREATE grassroots activities, the Lyceum’s creative engagement programme and through successful destination events like WaveField, trAction and LUMEN.

“As the town comes together to realise a new vision for the future, this funding underlines the possibilities of what can be achieved through collaborative working and the approach taken by Cheshire East Council, Crewe Lyceum & HQ Theatres, Crewe Town Council and the newly formed Town Board in securing these funds.” 

Doug Kinsman, Chair of the Crewe Towns Board, said: “This is great news for Crewe and perhaps even more significant at this time with Covid-19 still causing so many challenges for us all. The time frame available to work-up a compelling proposal was extremely tight so I would like to congratulate all of those who were directly involved in getting this successful submission over the line. The hard work really starts now to ensure that we design, create and deliver an inspiring, engaging and inclusive project that showcases Crewe’s intent and starts to build back some Civic pride.”

For more information visit the Crewe Town Board.