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All About Me – Planning For The Future

The End of Life Partnership

A message from The End of Life Partnership.

You may have found that the Coronavirus pandemic has made you think about what you would want should you become unwell and maybe you’ve had conversations with loved ones about how you would cope in different scenarios.

It is important to understand that for most people, coronavirus this is a mild illness, but unfortunately for some of us it can be much more serious.

The End of Life Partnership are a local charity and one of their aims is to get more people thinking and talking about what they would want if they became unwell and it feels even more important at the moment to have these conversations.

The End of Life Partnership have asked us to let you know about a booklet they have produced that might help you to think things through and discuss them with your family or friends. You may think this sounds a bit morbid, but the Partnership’s approach is to “Hope for the best, but plan for the worst”.

The booklet is called “All About Me”, and it is a simple tool that can help you to talk about and record important information about your life.

One person who completed the booklet included a family tree, photographs from their younger days and their favourite joke. They also included a love letter sent to their future wife back in 1958.

The All About Me booklet includes sections to record practical information such as your utility providers, space to reflect on your big achievements and family tree so that this information isn’t lost, as well as sections to say where you would want to receive care if you need it, so it really does keep everything in one place.

Gathering all this information together really does make things easier for you and your family should you be unable to express your wishes in the future,  and it may also make decisions easier for family and friends following your death – our plans and wishes are more likely to be carried out if we write things down.

The ‘All About Me’ booklet is not a legal document and is not an alternative to a Will, a Lasting Power of Attorney or an Advance Decision to Refuse Treatment, but people who have used it have found it really helpful as a way of starting conversations about the future and making sure that their wishes are known.

Another person who completed the booklet said they had “really enjoyed the process of putting their information together, and found that it made it easier to talk to their family about what the future holds”.

You can download or print the All About Me Booklet from the End of Life Partnership website: – look in the “Compassionate Communities” section and it’s there in online resources or direct from here.

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