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Baby Loss Memorial Service

On Wednesday 14th October, as part of Baby Loss Awareness week, Reverend Catherine Cleghorn is hosting a Baby Loss Memorial Service on behalf of Motherwell Cheshire CIO.

The event will be held virtually, from 8-8.30pm via zoom, and is open to all parents who have lost a baby at any stage of pregnancy or following birth. To join, people need to email by 6pm on 14th.

Motherwell  are aware that this is a very sensitive issue and as such people are free to join in completely anonymously if they choose to – they can have their cameras and microphones off, or on; their level of involvement is completely up to them. It’s important they are as comfortable as possible.

Kate Blakemore, CEO of Motherwell Cheshire CIO, said ” At such a difficult time I think it’s important that parents are given the opportunity to remember the children they have lost and feel supported by their local community”

Motherwell run Cherry Blossom Infant Loss Service for anyone who is local to Crewe or Winsford and feels they need further support, we can signpost to services further afield if needed. Our usual referrals route should be followed to access this service, or 01606 557 666