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Bike Theft Alert – Useful Tips To Keep Your Bike Safe

Cheshire Constabulary

Crewe Police have unfortunately been made aware of several bike thefts in Crewe and surrounding areas and would like to offer some useful tips for you to keep your bike safe and secure.

  1. Invest in a couple of good quality bike locks, 1 being a D-lock.
  2. Cable locks for extra security.
  3. Lock frame and both wheels to cycle parking stand.
  4. A well lit area with CCTV.
  5. Remove saddle.
  6. Take the same care at home, bikes get taken from communal hallways, gardens & sheds.
  7. Make your bike unique to you.
  8. Remove valuable accessories.
  9. Don’t leave your bike for a few minutes whilst you nip in the shop.
  10. Don’t park in the same place every day.

Thank you for your time! We will be running some bike marking sessions in an area near you in the near future and will you keep you updated with the times and dates of these sessions on here and on our Facebook pages!