Canal Run

Adrian Wootton is doing a charity run for the Leighton Hospital charity (click to donate). He is running 500 miles along the UK canals (without going over the same ground twice) and has completed 300 miles so far.

Adrian told us “I started with my project of running 500 miles along the UK’s canals in June 2020 to raise some money for MCHT Critical Care, to get me out running regularly and because I really like canals. I used to fish canals with my parents as a child and always wondered what the rest of the canals were like. Now I know!

“I generally run early in the morning. The number of miles I do varies. One problem I have is that most of the time I will have to run ten miles to cover five miles unless I get a taxi or get a lift back. The other problem I am finding is as time goes on I have to run further and further away to find new stretches of canal to cover. I generally have to travel an hour three and back now. 

“I have also got into photographing the canals I run. They can look amazing when the sun is rising in the morning. I post every couple of weeks on Instagram at canal_run_500 if anyone is interested in my progress.”

To learn more, tune in to The Purrfect Afternoon on The Cat 107.9FM on Wednesday 4th May at 2:30pm, when Paul Jones will be talking to Adrian about the run.