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Cheshire College Celebrates the Success of 17 Learners at Historic Annual Freemen and Guilds Awards

Last night (Wednesday 24th November 2021), Cheshire College – South and West celebrated the academic and personal achievements of 17 remarkable learners from across the region at the annual Freemen and Guild Awards.

John Dodd, President of the Freemen

The Freemen and Guilds Awards began 50 years ago in 1968, however the Guilds have been associated with the recruitment and training of Apprentices for centuries. The prizes are seen as a renewal of a historic bond between the Guilds and Education, as well as a symbol of encouragement and esteem for young people. 

The Freemen and Guilds of Chester are made up of 23 companies, including the Joiners and Carvers, the Saddlers and Curriers, the Cappers, Pinners, Wiredrawers and Linen Drapers, and the Barber Surgeons, Wax and Tallow Chandlers Company.

Hadassah Sidwell

The awards mark the learners’ accomplishments, many of whom have exceeded expectations or made significant impacts on their course. Winners included Apprentices, day, part-time and full-time learners, reflecting the diverse nature of the College.

Alren Moulton, Level 3 Light Vehicle Maintenance and Repair learner, who received the Saddlers and Curriers Awards, commented: “I really appreciate being considered for this award. Sometimes when you go to larger award ceremonies at school, you don’t always win something, so it was a complete surprise to me to be chosen for this, and considering that not many learners receive these awards, it feels extra-special. I really enjoyed being at the event and the award has made me feel that all the hard work has been worth it.”

Owen Brookes

Award winners and their guests arrived at the ceremony to be greeted by Hospitality and Catering learners serving a selection of delicious drinks and canapes, made by learners.

Dhesi, Principal and CEO at Cheshire College, added: “Our relationship with the Freemen and Guilds of Chester is more important than ever as our nation’s economy is in need of more and more vocationally skilled people. 

“All winners have been selected to receive an award because they have exceeded expectation, shown commitment and passion to their programme of study and their chosen industry, as well as demonstrated outstanding levels of achievement. So, huge congratulations to the 17 award winners!”

Full list of the evening’s winners:

14-16 Pre-Apprentice Award for Outstanding Achievement 
Aaron Williams, Engineering Technology Foundation Certificate – Level 1 – EAL (14-16)

Ancient and Worshipful Company of Bricklayers Award 
Luke Bennett, Bricklaying Diploma – Level 2 – C&G

Bakers Award 
Martin Herridge, Professional Cookery (Cookery and Patisserie) NVQ Diploma – Level 3 – C&G

Barber Surgeons, Wax and Tallow Chandlers Co Award 
Hadassah Sidwell, Diploma Women’s Hairdressing – Level 3 – C&G

Butchers Award 
Joseph Pickstock, Professional Cookery (Cooking and Patisserie) NVQ Diploma – Level 3 – C&G

Cappers, Pinners, Wierdrawers and Linendrapers Award 
Tess Roxburgh, Fashion Business and Retail Extended Diploma – Level 3 – UAL

Clothworkers, Walkers and Masons Company Award 
Charlotte Ireland, Art and Design Practice (Photography) BTEC National Diploma – Level 3 – EDEXCEL

Coopers Company Award 
Ryan Shaw, Engineering Technologies Extended Diploma – Level 3 – EAL

Innholders, Cooks and Victuallers Company Award 
Finn Kinsella, Professional Cookery Diploma – Level 2 – C&G

Joiners and Carvers Company Award 
Kenan Paso, Site Carpentry Diploma – Level 2 – C&G

Ladies’ Section of the Freeman and Guilds Awards 
Stephanie Evans, Childcare and Education (Early Years) Technical Diploma – Level 3 – CACHE/NCFE

Mercers, Ironmongers, Grocers and Apothecaries – Pharmacy Award 
Sebastian Riley, Applied Science (Forensic) BTEC National Extended Diploma – Level 3 – EDEXCEL

Mercers, Ironmongers, Grocers and Apothecaries Award – Ironmongers Award 
Owen Brookes, Engineering Technologies Extended Diploma – Level 3 – EAL

Painters, Glaziers, Embroiderers and Stationers Award 
Tabitha Smallthwaite, Art and Design Practice BTEC National Extended Diploma – Level 3 – EDEXCEL

Saddlers and Curriers Award 
Arlen Moulton, Light Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Principles Diploma – Level 3 – IMI

Smiths, Cutlers and Plumbers Award 
Laura Chilton, Plumbing Diploma – Level 2 – C&G

Weavers Award 
Cagla Dogan, Art and Design Practice BTEC National Diploma – Level 3 – EDEXCEL

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