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Cheshire East Council Receives Carbon Neutral Training

Cheshire East Carbon Action Plan

Cheshire East Council has had expert training on reducing carbon emissions and becoming a greener authority.

The training, designed by the Carbon Literacy Project, was delivered virtually to councillors and key members of staff. Learning from the course will help the council to reduce its own emissions and become carbon neutral by 2025, while supporting the wider borough to reduce their carbon footprint.

Details of how the council plans to achieve their carbon neutral ambition are set out in their carbon neutral action plan, including:

  • How the council will drive behaviour change and culture internally, including reducing   business travel and increasing staff engagement and awareness of carbon neutrality;
  • Measures to ensure that the carbon neutral ambition has been considered in every major investment and policy decision;
  • Details of how less energy and fuel could be used in council operations, such as switching to low-emission vehicles and reducing energy demand from new and existing buildings;
  • Plans to improve the supply of green energy by using low carbon, renewable sources such as solar panels and working to promote renewables with others;
  • Opportunities to capture carbon, through tree-planting and restoring degraded peatlands; and
  • Priority actions identified to reduce borough-wide emissions

The training was an opportunity for councillors, senior managers and other key members of staff to come together to consider and discuss the climate emergency and what steps should be taken to address it.

Councillor Sam Corcoran, leader Cheshire East Council

Councillor Sam Corcoran, leader of Cheshire East Council, said: “Climate change is a real and significant threat to our planet. As a council, we are already taking steps to reduce our carbon footprint by switching to electric or hydrogen fuelled vehicles and installing renewable energy onto our council buildings.

“But we know that this is not enough. By training our key people, we can ensure that tackling climate change is high on the agenda throughout the organisation. The learning will empower our members and staff to take appropriate action to reduce carbon across our services.

“Examples of steps we will take, include ensuring our supply chain is minimising its carbon footprint, internal communications campaigns and training to support staff to understand their role in reducing carbon emissions. We will also identify areas suitable for renewable energy across the borough, such as the low carbon heat network in Crewe.

“Being carbon literate ensures we have an awareness of the carbon dioxide costs and impacts of our everyday activities, and that our members, staff and partners have the ability and motivation to reduce their emissions on an individual, community and organisational basis.” To read more about the council’s carbon neutral ambitions, visit the carbon neutral by 2025 pages on the website.