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Cheshire Police Launch New Site To Tackle Lockdown Rule-Breakers

Cheshire Constabulary

Article: Jonathan White

Cheshire Constabulary has launched a new website page for people to report those flouting the Covid-19 measures.

The force is asking people to let them know about possible breaches of the new rules introduced to stop the spread of the virus, which includes social distancing measures preventing people gathering in groups.

Those making a report are advised to only do so if they feel there is a significant issue or serious breach of the restrictions.

It asks people to check the guidance first regarding businesses or venues that are allowed to remain open or the ‘stay at home’ measures.

The website allows someone to provide the location of where the breach has taken place, or is taking place.

However, police said that the new enforcement law, which allows them to issue a fixed penalty notice of £60 or £120 for second time offenders, is a “last resort”.

To report a possible breach of coronavirus (Covid-19) measures visit:

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