Cold War Living History Weekend at Hack Green Secret Nuclear Bunker

Article and Photographs: Jonathan White

Hack Green Secret Nuclear Bunker near Nantwich took visitors back in time during a Cold War event over the weekend of Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th April 2022. 

British Military Police re-enactor mans a checkpoint (photograph: Jonathan White)

The Cold War Living History Weekend recreated what life was like either side of the Berlin Wall during the Cold War. 

Jet Provost aircraft cockpit alongside a complete Jet Provost (photograph: Jonathan White)

There were military camps and numerous military vehicles outside the bunker with re-enactors, representing Western Bloc and Eastern Bloc countries, keeping a check on each other. 

Goulash bunker cat enjoys a rest (photograph: Jonathan White)

One of several exhibits to inspect was an RAF Jet Provost trainer aircraft cockpit. Visitors could sit inside the cockpit and view the contents of an ejection seat which included a parachute, life raft, and survival supplies. The cockpit was positioned alongside Hack Green’s complete Jet Provost which is on long-term loan.

A visitor sits inside the RAF Jet Provost trainer aircraft cockpit (photograph: Jonathan White)

Inside the bunker there were troops patrolling the corridors and Malayan Emergency re-enactors. The Soviet Spy Mouse Trail to find enemy spy mice in the bunker was popular with children.

Quote from Albert Einstein inside Hack Green Secret Nuclear Bunker (photograph: Jonathan White)

The event was organised by Lucy Siebert, the Museum Director at Hack Green Nuclear Bunker.

Aerial view of the Cold War Living History event (photograph: Jonathan White)

£1 from every ticket sold will be given to the Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal.

Hack Green is a 35,000 square foot underground bunker complex that was modernised in the 1950’s as part of a vast secret radar network code named ‘ROTOR’. It would have been the centre of regional government had nuclear war broken out. The site was declassified in 1993.

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