Cooling the Flames of Crewe book available in Nantwich

Former firefighter Gareth Roberts, aged 66, who lives in Nantwich has compiled a book about the fire service in Crewe, entitled ‘Cooling the Flames of Crewe’.

Cooling the Flames of Crewe is now available to purchase in Nantwich from Nantwich Bookshop & Coffee Lounge located on High Street. 

Gareth started the research as a lockdown project, in writing the account of his time as a firefighter at Crewe Fire Station from 1979 to 2009, then turned it into a local book.

Chapters in the 250-page book with 200 photos includes: Firefighting in Crewe throughout time and the industrial fire brigades at Crewe Railway Works and Rolls-Royce Motors. Trade union disputes are also detailed in the Fire Brigades Union chapter when firefighters took to the picket lines.

Proceeds from the book sales will be donated to The Firefighters Charity, .

Gareth Roberts said: “My interest in the fire service has stayed with me since my retirement, and I’ve remained connected with the service as a representative of the National Association of Retired Firefighters and as a Director of the Flamesavers Credit Union. With a collection of photos and scrapbooks from my fire service days, it seemed a good opportunity during lockdown to do more research about the history of firefighting in Crewe. After contacting my former colleagues and fire officers who previously worked at Rolls-Royce and Crewe Railway Works, I felt I had enough material to create a local book.”

To purchase ‘Cooling the Flames of Crewe’ in Nantwich please visit Nantwich Bookshop & Coffee Lounge at 46 High Street, or contact via phone: 01270 611665, email: .

Story and phots by Joathan White