Council Refuse to Refund Fines after Car Park Closure

Cheshire East Council has refused appeals from motorists who were caught up in a recent botched car park closure which was complained about by Crewe & Nantwich MP Dr Kieran Mullan. Oak St Car Park was recently closed for a day but a number of motorists parked there, unaware of the closure that was only advertised via plain white notices on lamp posts. You could still pay to park there on the parking app.

Crewe and Nantwich MP, Dr Kieran Mullan

Despite indicating any appeals would be considered sympathetically, the council has denied appeals by a number of motorists including staff from the MPs office. These appeals are from motorist who paid to park on the parking app meaning they did not visit the parking payment machine where the notices were most prominent.

Responding Dr Kieran Mullan MP said “This is very disappointing and I have written to the council to ask them to think again. If the car park had a proper prominent sign or a barrier put up, if the machine was bagged up, if the app wasn’t allowing people to book none of this would have happened. The council shouldn’t dig their heals in, they should just recognise this wasn’t done properly, apologise and squash the fines. I will be supporting anyone who doesn’t pay their and challenges it.”