Crewe Cat goes Missing – can you help

Article: Jonathan White

A couple from Crewe are pleading for the safe return of their precious cat.

Toby – the missing cat

Couple Eddie & Karen’s cat – ‘Toby’ – went missing from their property on 75 Hughes Drive in Crewe on Friday 4th June 2021 and they have not seen him since that date.

Toby is a rescue cat who is approximately three years old and is also a house cat, so has not been out for a long time.

Toby is very jumpy and scared of noises. Toby has a white spot on his chest and his undercarriage towards his back legs. He has classic tabby tiger stripes which are prominent all over. Toby is nervous and does not like being picked up. Toby also has a nervous twitch reaction when stroked near his tail due to a past injury. 

Toby – missing cat poster

Toby is microchipped and registered to the owners (Eddie and Karen), Sandbach Animal Rescue and Macon Way Vets.

Eddie and Karen have alerted the authorities and local vets and charities.

Please check your sheds and any outbuildings around Hughes Drive, Victoria Avenue, Queens Park, Probert Close, Farmers Close, Fairburn Avenue areas in Crewe.

If you see Toby or know his whereabouts, please call Eddie on 07745765919, Karen on 07745791038 or Sandbach Animal Rescue on 07717386505. 

Eddie and Karen said: “We are very worried as he is our pride and joy and we need him home ASAP!”