Crewe MP Challenges Cheshire East on Football Facilities

Crewe & Nantwich MP Dr Kieran Mullan has challenged Cheshire East on plans to direct £80,000 of funding to replace a lost Crewe football facility to another part of the Borough calling the idea “totally unacceptable”.

At the same time, he is encouraging people to give their views on plans from Crewe FC for a new facility adjacent to the Georges playing field.

This week it was revealed at a local planning meeting that Cheshire East proposed Guinness Housing Partnership pay £80,000 towards a Middlewich sports facility to compensate for the loss of the former LMR club and sports field on which they want to build 73 affordable homes.

The proposal was universally opposed by councillors on a cross party basis and Kieran gave them his full support and rubbished claims from Cheshire East that it was not possible to develop a site in Crewe.

Dr Kieran Mullan MP (Photograph: Richard Townshend, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons)

Speaking after the meeting Kieran said “We need new football facilities in Crewe. Local football teams have told me this again and again. I have been working over the past year on bringing a couple of smaller grass sites into use but we need a proper pitch and facility. It is totally unacceptable to say this money has to go elsewhere. We need to find a site in Crewe and we can do that if the right amount of effort is put in. Sending the money elsewhere is just an easy option.”

“I have been working with Steve and the Crewe FC team over the past year on their plans for a site on the Georges. It turns what is currently a wasteland into a new pitch and facility with minimal disruption to the Georges itself. These plans are really well developed and are as good as any others I have seen and include lots of wider community use. Crewe FC have launched a survey to get feedback on their proposal. I would encourage residents to give their views because we need to show public support if we want to move forward with this.”

“Cheshire East need to look at these plans and make the effort to come up with a way to use this money to bring new facilities to Crewe.”

Crewe FC Chairman Steve Parker said “It seems odd that this funding is being allocated to improve pitches in Middlewich. Why not pitches in Crewe as a minimum?”

“It has been recognised by Sport England through the Playing Pitch Strategy and the FA through the Cheshire FA Football Facilities Plan, that Crewe is short of football pitches within the town, leaving our children with not enough safe and adequate football pitches available to play on and the development of our football clubs severely hampered.”

“Over the past few years, Crewe FC have been working tirelessly to remedy this, by trying to develop a dedicated facility for the Football Club that would also include community use, meaning that Crewe would benefit from an up to date, safe, high quality football facility.”

“We would love to hear your thoughts on our plan, this is very much something for the community and we would love your support.”

Residents can feed back on the Crewe FC plans online.