Crewe & Nantwich Constituents Attend Lying in State

MPs were able to invite four guests to the Lying in State of her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Dr Kieran Mullan MP invited local residents Sarah Winchester, Gerald Newbrook, Phil Malam and Steve Weekes who attended today (Sunday 18th Sept) on behalf of the people of Crewe & Nantwich.

Commenting Kieran said “I had the privilege of visiting to Her Majesty lying in state and paying respects on behalf of the constituency on Thursday night. As an MP we are also able to invite four guests. I wanted to invite people to represent the relationship between the Queen and the constituency, but not just with dignitaries, but the people of Crewe & Nantwich. Also, the relationship between the Queen and the military and voluntary organisations. There is no perfect way to do this and we didn’t have much time to organise but I hope this group of people are a good way of representing the people and organisations of Crewe & Nantwich and our history with the Queen. I am very grateful to them all for taking part today.”

Backgrounds of those that visited today:

Sarah Winchester: Sarah was one of the pupils at Monks Coppenhall who were invited to perform for the Queen when she visited to open Crewe Heritage centre in 1987. This was a visit remembered by many local families who saw the Queen as she travelled around the constituency.

Gerald Newbrook: In 1995 the Queen visited Crewe station and Gerald was the local Scout Leader asked to organise for 200 local scouts to greet the Queen at the station. Voluntary organisations like the Scouts were important to the Queen.

Phil Malam: The Queen met Phil in 1972 when he was just 19 when she opened Leighton Hospital, having started work just before the visit as a hospital porter. Phil has worked there ever since as their longest serving member of staff. Phil not only represents this important visit but public sector staff who reflect the Queens own values as a public servant.

Steve Weekes: Steve is a veteran, serving 24 years as a Welsh Guardsman who met the Queen on numerous occasions during his duties. Steve represents the important relationship between local Armed Forces personnel and veterans and the Queen.