Crewe Vagrants Hockey Club – Veterans Hockey Tournament and Fundraising Event

Crewe Vagrants HC sadly lost one of their Ladies’ players, Greenie, a couple of years ago to Cancer and is organising a Veterans Hockey Tournament on 14th May in her memory.

As part of this Tournament, the Club is arranging a raffle, evening supper, disco and ‘charity auction’ to raise money for Cancer Research UK and CVHC Floodlight appeal. As a Club we have a player who is currently receiving treatment for blood cancer and another for breast cancer. We want to give something back to say thank you for the fantastic work organisations such as Cancer Research UK are doing to help treat all different forms of cancer.

This event is aimed at raising as much money as possible to enable Cancer Research UK to continue with its ground breaking work. Thanks to donations, they are able to continue with pioneering work into the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer that has helped save millions of lives. Over the past 40 years survival has doubled, thanks to the great progress this research has made. A staggering 1 in 2 people will develop some form of cancer during their lifetime. This probably means, like me, you know someone who has been through or is going through this terrible diagnosis. However, in the last 40 years cancer survival in the UK has doubled and every day thanks to the ongoing research into cancer, we are learning ways to better treat, diagnose and prevent cancer. Cancer is relentless, but so are we and there is something you can do to help too.

Sports have an immense impact on people’s lives, both for health and well-being and we aim to offer a safe and enjoyable place to get active. We often refer to ourselves as a #hockeyfamily. The idea of raising money for both Cancer Research UK and CVHC floodlight appeal seems appropriate and a must to our Club members.

Crewe Vagrants Hockey Club, run by volunteers, is facing its biggest funding challenge this year as the flood lighting at the Club is becoming unfit for purpose. We rely on the flood lighting system during the autumn and winter months for training and competition. We are a community focused hockey club based at Crewe Vagrants Sports Club on Newcastle Road, CW5 7EP. The Club prides itself on its family orientation, friendly and welcoming environment. The Club has set its foundations on providing opportunities for all, young and old, with its ethos of inclusion and excellence. We offer hockey experiences for a diverse range abilities both for enjoyment and competition. 

We have an elected committee of volunteers charged with organising the Club’s day to day running and planning for the future. We hold an annual AGM and are accountable to our members.

We have a young people’s section run by volunteers catering for 5-16 year olds, providing training opportunities, fun and competitive games, tournaments and social events. 

The Senior Section includes: 4 men’s and 4 ladies’ teams catering for a range of abilities. Also, we have several men’s and ladies’ teams providing access to hockey for over35s, o45s, o50s and o60s. 

Thanks in advance for your generosity, on behalf of those men, women, #hockeyfamily and friends affected by Cancer.

For more information, see the Crewe Vagrants Hockey Club fund raising page.