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Crewe Visually Impaired Woman helps people get Tech Savvy

Article: Jonathan White

Hannah Fairclough, from Crewe, has setup her own tech business – ‘Hannah’s Teaching Tech’ – to help people to use their gadgets. 

Hannah Fairclough with her guide dog Yazz

Hannah is herself registered blind, with no light perception, due to the genetic disorder Bardet Biedel Syndrome and is also a guide dog owner, her dog is called Yazz.

Hannah teaches visually impaired people, and those with other disabilities, how to use Apple products with its built-in screen reader VoiceOver enabled, and how to use keyboard shortcuts to navigate Microsoft Office.

Hannah taught herself to use Apple’s built-in screen reader VoiceOver, as her sight started to deteriorate.

In addition, Hannah promotes disability empowerment through talks to young people in schools, colleges and universities. Hannah shares the challenges and barriers she has faced and how to overcome them. 

Hannah also works with organisations seeking to develop their employment processes and how to become more disability friendly.

Hannah is being mentored by Neurodiverse Coach and Business Trainer, Rob Pickersgill and his team of staff at ‘Real Life Learning’.

Hannah said: “Over the years I have tried to gain employment, but with no success. So, I decided to setup my own business teaching other people to use technology. I applied for Access to Work funding in February this year and this enabled me to get the support I needed to setup and run my own business. I’ve already received my first school bookings and have been invited to support local companies and provide help to people through the local council. My message to others with a disability is don’t give up! I’ve applied for hundreds of jobs but without success. But now I’m determined to be successful on my own.”

For further information please contact Hannah via phone: 07730325532, email: , or visit