Flag Lane Baths Big Sleep Out

Who remembers when Flag Lane Baths was a well-used community asset in Crewe??? Perhaps you learnt to swim there or took your children there to swim.

It’s so sad to see what’s become of the building over the last few years, but the good news is… there is now a community campaign project team who are committed to restoring Flag Lane Baths back to a useful community asset that everyone can visit, use and enjoy.

On Friday 29th November, there is an outdoor sleep-over at the old Flag Lane Baths site and everyone is invited to join in support and to fund-raise for the restoration project.

All proceeds will go toward the huge £3.5 million required to bring this building back into community use.

For every person that sleeps out, a hot meal and a warm bed for the night will be provided to a homeless person in Crewe.

To find out more about the project visit http://flaglanebaths.co.uk or see Facebook (The Cat is not responsible for external websites).