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Garden Gnomes Welcome A New Elf

Wistaston – Laurence Perry and Boris the elf at Westfield Drive (photo: Jonathan White)

Article and Photographs: Jonathan White

Laurence Perry, aged 79, of Westfield Drive in Wistaston has entertained people for many years with the numerous gnomes in his garden and land at the front of his property, along with a wonderful variety of flowering plants. 

Laurence’s gnomes’ range in size and shape and include solar-powered gnomes, worker gnomes, giant gnomes, acrobatic gnomes, gnomes with houses, Wistaston Cricket Club gnome players in action, and a chief gnome wearing a face mask. His garden plant varieties include Clematis, Echinacea, Foxgloves, Pansy, Peony, Roses, and Violas.

Laurence has now added a large inflatable elf to his collection to form a centre-piece under the archway of the entrance to his front garden. The elf is called ‘Boris’ after Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and Leader of the Conservative Party. 

Laurence’s collection made national and international news in 2017 when Cheshire East Council threatened to remove a bottom-bearing gnome after receiving a complaint that it could distract motorists. The subsequent story received worldwide publicity including the BBC, Daily Mail, Express, Mirror and Telegraph along with newspapers in India and the USA.

Laurence is also known for his magnificent annual Christmas light display which features different types of lights and lit up Christmas trees at the front of his home. 

Laurence Perry said: “Boris is the biggest elf so is in sole charge of all the gnomes. I hope that people enjoy the display and it helps to take their mind off the current difficulties we are all experiencing.”