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“Health is Wealth and I believe that keeping fit helps physically and mentally”

Everybody Sport and Recreation Member Jamie – Leigh Lawrence

Online health and fitness classes lift Everybody Member Jamie – Leigh Lawrence’s overall mood, make her come away from her laptop and add structure to her day!

Everybody Sport and Recreation have recently launched a brand new website, Everybody @ Home, to provide their members with a range of live and on demand health and fitness classes to keep people active at home.

Before lockdown, Jamie – Leigh, 33 from Nantwich, Stapeley had been attending the Group Cycling sessions regularly at Shavington Leisure Centre, which she loved and she did not want to lose that motivation to keep her fitness up when we went into another lockdown.

Jamie – Leigh comments: “I love coming to the spin sessions with Gary at Shavington as they are motivating and each class pushes me to my limits.” 

Last lockdown, Jamie – Leigh shared that she got out of the swing of keeping fit and so she was determined that she wouldn’t this time. The Everybody @ Home online sessions are helping with that and she shares “it is lifting my overall mood.”

Another reason for joining the online classes was because it makes her come away from her laptop and adds structure to her day.

“ I have loved the Kettlebell classes, they really push me and burns those calories which I had been struggling to do from home by myself so it was great to see I could push myself from the comfort of my front room.”

Jamie – Leigh plans what classes she is going to do in advance and finds that if she has written it down on the calendar then she will do it. She looks through the online timetable and decides what can fit in around her working from home.

Everybody @ Home provides flexibility for its members to be active at home, with over 25 live classes per week, plus catch up and on demand classes, which can be accessed any day or time for those who can’t make the live classes.

Jamie – Leigh shares “Give them a go as no-one is watching. I sometimes get nervous of attending a new class as it would be obvious I am a newbie, at home you can have a go and then when we are allowed again, attend the sessions and you will know how they run!”

She continues, “Not only that but Health is Wealth and I believe that keeping fit helps physically and mentally.”

Everybody @ Home is delivered by an expert team of Health and Fitness instructors who are qualified in a range of disciplines including Les Mills, Yoga, Pilates, Dance Fit and more. Access to the website is currently free of charge whilst Everybody Sport and Recreation Leisure facilities are closed to keep people active from home.

More information on how to join can be found on the Everybody web site.