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How Parkrun Changed Our Lives

Denise Lawson with the How parkrun changed our lives book (photo: Jonathan White)

‘How parkrun changed our lives’, published this month (March 2021), details the health and social benefits of the weekly 5k events for runners, joggers and walkers, which has become a global phenomenon. Some seven million people around the world have signed up to take part, and were still registering during the past year when the pandemic forced the events to cancel. They are expected to resume this spring.

The book also has interviews with many people who say that their lives have been changed for the better, and talk of the joy that parkrun has brought them. There’s a number of parkrunning clerics discussing whether parkrun is a new religion, a blind man who has run from England to Wales and back, a couple who got married during a parkrun, and the British doctor who holds the USA female parkrun record.

Eileen Jones, who wrote the book during lockdown, has done 260 parkruns in 104 locations and made friends along the way, many of whom will be taking part in the relay.

Eileen Jones said: “It’s given people something to focus on, to get excited about, while they are missing parkrun. Several of the volunteers have said how important it will be to feel part of something bigger again. It’s our gesture of thanks to Paul Sinton-Hewitt whose little idea about a time trial in a London park has had such a big impact on all our lives.”

Denise Lawson and her dog Lola take part in a Parkrun in Crewe at Queens Park before the pandemic (photo: Jonathan White)

Denise Lawson, Nantwich Bookshop & Coffee Lounge, said: “I started my personal parkrun journey in South Africa in July 2017 whilst on holiday, at ‘Piggly Wiggly’ parkrun in the KwaZulu Natal Midlands. My then, 70 year old mum was doing parkrun’s and I felt that if she could I could. I have really missed the Saturday mornings, running with friends at Queens Park over the past year of lockdown.”

‘How parkrun changed our lives’ (ISBN 978-1-913625-03-0) is a 150 page paperback book priced at £9.99. 

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