Like Clockwork: 20.11.18 – Listen Again

This week’s show was packed with some real alternative gems and finds, alongside some of my favourite classic music.

Paint, Shark Toys, King Nun matched next to Talking Heads and Bobby Bland. The Temper Trap mingled with Beach House who shared legroom with The Coral and Supergrass. Elmore James ended up a strange bedfellow with a-ha because they both featured songs with the word ‘sky’ in them, and Bryan Ferry’s Roxy Music found themselves basking in the 21st Century alongside Rival Consoles and Massive Attack (because Avalon mixed perfectly with ‘Ritual Song’, apparently).

Whatever you think of the mix, it sums up Like Clockwork perfectly: alternative music, for serious music fans.

I’ve never felt part of a genre or movement, which is in some ways a downer, but in other ways enlightening because I’ve ended up with an appreciation for all sorts of sounds…sponge like in mind (and body unfortunately).

If that sounds like you – I hope you enjoy this weeks ‘Like Clockwork’!

Have a great week,