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LIVE Daily Workout – ‘Virtual PE with Tommy’

Sports Coaching Group are doing Live workouts for all children and their families every week day morning at 10am on their YouTube channel. They are trying to engage as many as possible throughout lockdown to help people stay active!

They have put together a programme which will be running every week. 

Every day will consist of the fitness aspect followed by a PE lesson – (PE with Tommy). 

Monday: 15 minute circuit & Boxing

Tuesday: 15 minute circuit & COMPETITION (weekly winners)

Wednesday: 15 minute circuit & Early Years

Thursday: 15 minute circuit & Dance 

Friday: 15 minute circuit & Sport Specific FUNdamental skills 

To learn more, tune in to The Purrfect Afternoon on Monday 25th January, when Dave Foulkes will be talking to Sports Coaching Group and about the Virtual PE sessions.