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Local DJ Continues to Bring Joy to Fans during the Coronavirus Pandemic

Article: Jonathan White
Photograph supplied with permission by Alan Woodhouse

Community-spirited Nantwich DJ Alan Woodhouse continued to keep up the spirits up of his fans during another live online performance during the pandemic.

DJ Alan Woodhouse at Studio Nantwich (Photo supplied with permission by Alan Woodhouse)

Alan has streamed over seventy hours of free live music from his house in Nantwich to people all around the world via Facebook and PlayDJ.TV. 

However, his latest online-only gig, on Friday 19th February 2021, was broadcast live from the state-of-the-art DJ booth in the Retro room at ‘Studio Nantwich’ on Castle Street in Nantwich.

Alan played a range of house, disco, and old skool during his two-hour set, which was broadcast online to the world via PlayDJ.TV.

Studio Nantwich is owned by his brother, Nigel Woodhouse, who kindly allowed him to use his DJ booth for the gig.

It is hoped that the night-time economy in Nantwich will reopen in the coming months as the country slowly emerges from the pandemic. 

Alan Woodhouse said: “During the livestreams, myself and Nigel thought it would be great idea to use the Club’s DJ booth, instead of my spare room, so we have just given it a go. It was brilliant to be back in the Studio Nantwich nightclub, and quite different when the venue is empty. It was a great opportunity to play at this venue, within which many local people have spent many nights. We may do more streams from the Club, as the lockdown starts to ease, and venue’s start to reopen again.”

Nigel Woodhouse, Director of Operations at Studio Nantwich said: “It was great to see all our equipment switched on and used again. My brother Alan is a big lover of music and it has been great to see him doing his music led broadcasts from his house and it was the obvious continuation to do it live in the Club. It was good to hear the music on in the Studio which has been pretty silent over the last year. We are hopeful that one day soon we will be inviting the people of Nantwich, Crewe & surrounding areas back in and ready to dance to a long list of events we have planned.”

Alan’s next free live online-only gig is ‘Trance Classics’ this Friday 26th February at 8pm from Studio Nantwich (main room) on PlayDJ.TV

For further information please visit Facebook and PlayDJ.TV.