Local DJ Entertains Fans and Raises Awareness of Entertainment Industry Affected by Pandemic

Article: Jonathan White
Photographs: Supplied with permission.

Community-spirited Nantwich DJ Alan Woodhouse has continued to keep up the spirits of his fans with another live online performance.

Local DJ Alan Woodhouse performs to his fans

Since the start of the pandemic, Alan has streamed over eighty-five hours of free live music from his house in Nantwich to people all around the world via DJ streaming website, PlayDJ.TV. 

His latest online-only virtual gig took place on the evening of Thursday 30th December 2021 with a range of Classic Disco music during his two-hour set, which was broadcast online to the world via PlayDJ.TV. The set included music from artists including Barry White, Chic, Earth Wind & Fire, Evelyn “Champagne” King, Odyssey, and The O’Jays.

Alan has been DJing since 1994, playing Trance, Disco/Nu Disco, Funky House and Old Skool House music.

The pandemic has wreaked havoc on the live music sector, so Alan’s DJ sets have also helped raise awareness and support for the DJs, entertainers, and the events industry, which includes nightclubs and live music venues.

Alan Woodhouse said: “Seeing what is happening in Wales, Scotland and Ireland many people are isolating, and many are still wary about crowded spaces at the moment. So, this is another chance to broadcast a Live DJ set into someone’s home – a great alternative during this difficult holiday period. Also, a Classic Disco set is a great tonic for the middle of Winter.”

For further information please visit Facebook and PlayDJ.TV.