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Local DJ Raises Awareness of Entertainment Industry Affected by Coronavirus Pandemic

Alan Woodhouse during a live DJ set

Article: Jonathan White
Photographs: Supplied with permission by Alan Woodhouse

Local DJ Alan Woodhouse played a two hour live-streaming music set from his home in Nantwich on Wednesday 30th September 2020. 

The Coronavirus pandemic has wreaked havoc on the live music sector, so Alan’s DJ set was part of a global effort to raise awareness and support for the DJs, entertainers, and the events industry, which includes nightclubs and live music venues.

The government has announced a £1.57bn Culture Recovery Fund, but there is uncertainty over how far this money will stretch and where it will go.

The government says nightclubs must stay shut “in line with current scientific advice to control the virus”.

Alan broadcast his Nu Disco/Funky House DJ set via his Facebook page and PlayDJ:TV

Alan Woodhouse said: “I felt it was important to take part to highlight an important part of our night-time economy. I also have family directly involved in this industry and I see first-hand the implications it is having on the people within it.”