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Local MP and Councillors Secure New Crossing at Peter Destapeigh Way

After 12 months of pressure, local Councillors Andrew Martin and Peter Groves, and MP Dr Kieran Mullan, have secured funding for a new crossing on Peter De Stapleigh Way.  

Kieran, Andrew and Peter discuss the safety of the road with a resident

Cheshire East Council Highways has confirmed that following a safety assessment conducted earlier in the summer, a controlled Puffin Crossing will be installed from the exit of the Stapeley Gardens Footpath across Peter De Stapleigh Way. 

The design work for the crossing will start shortly but will only be installed in the next financial year beginning in April 2022. Andrew, Peter and Kieran are pressing for quicker action given recent reports of a child being injured at the crossing. Cheshire have agreed to see if any interim work can be done. 

Commenting Cllr Groves said “We are very glad to have secured the funding for this after we raised it repeatedly on behalf of residents. I know many residents have been concerned and I think for good reason. I also think it is important Cheshire East review what can be done before April next year as well. We would hope that these will include a speed limit review, better signage, and lighting.” 

Commenting Kieran said “I want to thank the residents who raised this and thank Peter and Andrew for being so persistent. We have been able to get a good outcome. But I still think this needs short term action. It is dangerous. It is basically a concealed exit onto a 40mph road.”