Focus: Men’s Health and Well-being

What an informative month September was with such an important topic,  Men’s health and well-being. A topic that is rarely spoken about, yet something that should be spoken about so much more.

As a male cat I know how little men talk about their health and even less about their well-being.

We kicked off the week speaking to Dianne from Being True to You talking about the importance of positive mental health. I learnt so much from Bev from Action on Cancer explaining the signs to be aware of in men’s cancer, the Prostate Cancer support group explained the support they offer to men locally, something I am sure a lot of men didn’t even know about.

Dr Christopher Tomkinson from Body Positive talked about all areas LGBT and safe sex, was great to talk about such topics openly and raise awareness of issues that we should all be aware off.

I especially enjoyed hearing from Crewe Male choir, singing really does help improve well-being, I like to think I have a nice voice but many say it’s like the Cats Chorus but I take this as a compliment!

It certainly has been a great month and looking forward to this coming month when we are focussing on the environment…

If you missed any of the interviews you can listen again here,

The Breakfast Show with special guest Diane Woolrich of Being True to You

The Purrfect Afternoon with Jeff Allen talking to Beverley Prince about Bladder and Kidney Cancer

Purrfect Afternoon presented by Chris Cadman with David Laundon Talking Prostate Cancer

Late Lunch with Ian Maddock with guest Mike from Crewe YMCA

Purrfect Afternoon presented by Chris Cadman with Keith Burrell from the Crewe Bowling Club

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