MP Calls on Cheshire East to Scrap Roundabout Sculpture Plan

Crewe & Nantwich MP Dr Kieran Mullan has called on Cheshire East to scrap plans to restore a controversial roundabout sculpture which is due to be taken down as a result of safety concerns.

The public artwork, called a ‘solar gazer,’ has been funded by developer Goodman Logistics – which built the Jack Mills Way link road and Crewe Commercial Park.  Instead the MP wants residents to have a say on a design celebrating Crewe’s heritage.

Part way through construction of the sculpture traffic cones surrounded the site leading to the MP raising concerns. In response to the MP Cheshire East confirmed safety concerns had been raised and it is now understood the sculpture will be dismantled and works to then alter the structure will be undertaken off site.

However, Dr Mullan has called on Cheshire East to scrap plans for the current structure and allow Crewe residents and stakeholders a chance to have a say on an alternative design celebrating Crewe’s heritage.

In a letter to Cheshire East Kieran says “Since my earliest involvement in plans to regenerate and help Crewe fulfil its potential one of the challenges I and stakeholders recognise is wider perceptions of Crewe. On several occasions I and different stakeholders have considered making use of our roundabouts to celebrate our heritage. But we have to date not found buy in from Cheshire East or others to get this off the ground. Nevertheless I have discussed the idea with a number of key companies locally and found them to be supportive. That is why I was surprised and disappointed to see the sculpture appear out of nowhere. I have since confirmed there was no community engagement in support of this sculpture. It doesn’t celebrate Crewe’s heritage or have any apparent relation to Crewe at all.”

“I want us to use this opportunity to think again and engage with Crewe residents and stakeholders to decide on a public art work that they want. I also think that the Council should institute a policy on requiring public consultation on any further public works of art.”