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MP marks Volunteers Week with visit to Wishing Well charity in Crewe

Crewe & Nantwich MP Dr Kieran Mullan paid a visit to a local charity in Crewe this week to mark volunteers week. The Wishing Well Project in Crewe organised for Dr Mullan to meet and thank members of their volunteer team as they prepared and started taking out their home meal delivery service.

Kieran with Jean

Kieran met with kitchen volunteer Jean and husband and wife volunteers Ernie. Ernie started volunteering as part of the expanded team the charity recruited to support people during the lockdown. Ernie volunteers in the kitchen and then helps his wife who is a volunteer delivery driver.

Kieran with Ernie

Speaking after the visit Kieran said “Volunteers do a huge amount for us all, something we learned more than ever during the pandemic. It was great to visit The Wishing Well Project this week to thank and speak to just some of their fantastic volunteer team.”

Kieran with Geraldine

“They were all clear about how much they enjoyed and got out of volunteering and how it helped them carry on being productive in their retirement. I would encourage everyone to think about volunteering, even if you just have an hour or two a week to spare. Anyone who would like help finding a role that fits you get in touch with me.”