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Nantwich Bar Raises Money for Charity

Dinky models an Ebenezer’s dog bandana (photo: Jonathan White)

Article and Photographs: Jonathan White

Ebenezer’s Craft Beer & Gin in Nantwich sold branded facemasks and dog bandanas to raise money for Nantwich foodbank.

The sale of the facemasks and dog bandanas raised £130 for the charity that provides emergency food for families and individuals in times of crisis.

Wearing a face covering lowers the risk of spreading Covid-19 to others through speaking and coughing.

Nicholas Warren, one of the managers of Ebenezer’s Craft Beer & Gin, said:

“Our customers have been kind and generous buying the branded facemasks and dog bandanas and directly giving to Nantwich Foodbank.

Nicholas Warren of Ebenezer’s models a facemask (photo: Jonathan White)

“We chose to raise money for the Foodbank because we wanted to give to those in our community that need it the most. It’s been a very difficult year, but no one should be going hungry in this country.”

Ebenezer’s Craft Beer & Gin opened in December 2017 and is named after the building on Castle Street in Nantwich where it is located, which was originally built in 1857 as Ebenezer’s Methodist Chapel. It occupies what was previously the attic bar in The Studio/Gregory’s and uses the nightclub’s old entrance with the famous red steps.

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