Nantwich Dog Trainer Named Best Dog Trainer & Behaviourist of the Year

LUXlife magazine announced the winners of this year’s Pet Product & Services Awards on Saturday the 11th of June 2022. Nantwich based pet behaviour services company Nose To Trail was among those rewarded with Rachel Rodgers (Head Trainer and Owner) being named as the Best Dog Trainer & Behaviourist (North West).

Rachel Rodgers (Nose To Trail)

Rachel can add this accolade to her other recent award wins including:

Dog Trainer of the Year 2020 – 2022 from the North England Prestige Awards and Clinical Animal Behaviourist of the Year 2021 – Small Business Awards.

LUXlife launched the Pet Products and Services Awards several years ago to recognise those companies and individuals who endeavoured to define the luxury pet market. This year, following a challenging couple of years, they have aspired to recognise those that have thrived despite uncertainty, grown despite overwhelming odds, and capitalised on any opportunity.

For Nose to Trail this relates to their range of high quality online training courses, “No Nonsense Nosework” and “Let’s Get Sniffy”. While the clinical animal behaviour work the company does is to support dogs with established behaviour problems, such as separation anxiety and aggression, Nose to Trail also offers these online scent work courses which have been so popular people have attended from as far as the Netherlands and Sweden!

When asked why her courses were so popular Rachel said “Scent work is a rapidly growing part of the canine industry. By running my courses online to small groups and individuals, owners can join in around their other commitments without having to travel to a venue. It also enables dogs of any age, breed, or temperament to take part, something that many of my clients appreciate as their dog may bark if they had to be face to face with unfamiliar dogs and people in a strange place. We have all of the fun with none of the worries!”

On the eve of the announcement, Awards Coordinator Emma Pridmore took a moment to congratulate the winners.

“It has been a delight to engage and inform all of those listed here that their hard-earned achievements have been recognised. It is my pleasure to be able to offer you my heartfelt congratulations and best wishes for the rest of the year.”

Rachel hopes Nose to Trail will continue with this success after finding out that she is nominated in the National Animal Star Awards, an award ceremony she is familiar with having won the category of Dog Trainer & Behaviourist of the year in the inaugural ceremony in 2018.