Nantwich Food Festival Drop-off & Go Event in support of Nantwich Foodbank

Nantwich Food Festival Volunteers are reminding locals of their Drop-Off & Go event on 26th November at Brine Leas School; this is to gather donations to help Nantwich Foodbank support their clients again this Christmas.  By the Drop-off & Go event, Christmas will be only 4 weeks away.

Chris Farrell and Food Festival Volunteers

Maureen Coulter, the event organiser says “We know that some local people will have been collecting their donations since they first heard of this event, but we would love to see some new people dropping off donations; whatever you can donate from the list below will go to a family in need.

The cost of living crisis has meant that we all face higher bills and difficult choices, but no-one in our community should have to face going hungry. Even before the current crisis, 1 in 5 of the general population lived below the poverty line, and this will undoubtedly worsen.

Please just donate what you can; even an extra couple of tins of food from each household would mean that collectively we could help to support those in the greatest need. The event will be at Brine Leas High School on Saturday, 26th of November between 10am and 1pm.”

Smiling faces of Food Festival and Foodbank Volunteers at December 2021 Drop-off & Go event

Damien Gear, Nantwich Foodbank Manager, adds his heartfelt plea, saying

“Those members of our community whom we support will experience greater hardship than ever in the coming winter months. With the festive season fast approaching we are now hoping to ensure that everyone in our community can enjoy Christmas.

As a Foodbank, we are very thankful to have the generous support of the Food Festival team and the people of Nantwich and the surrounding area. We hope that you will continue to support us in helping the most vulnerable people in our community over the coming weeks in the lead up to Christmas.”

Items Needed: Tinned ham, tinned salmon, tinned meat, tin of rice pudding or custard, tin of fruit, washing powder, jar of coffee and long life fruit juice.

Christmas cake, Christmas pudding, box of chocolates, festive biscuits, savoury biscuits, table crackers (to pull), selection box, tubes of sweets and festive chutney (sell-by after 25/12/22 please)

We would like to give a little treat to our families, so can you please help with the following:

Toiletries and shampoo, gifts for children of any age, something for the teenagers and gifts for men and women too, plus wrapping paper.

All this will help to make Christmas a bit special for Nantwich Foodbank clients.

It is important to note that The Foodbank is unable to accept:

Dairy, meat or fish, fruit or vegetables, items that require refrigeration, half

Used or open packets, anything past its best before/use by date, anything alcoholic, bleach.

Anyone wanting to donate money, can do so via the Nantwich Foodbank website.

Maureen finishes, saying “I’ve organised a great team of experienced Food Festival Volunteers to ensure that locals are able to drop off their contributions with no delays. Residents from Nantwich and those from the surrounding area are renowned for their generosity, so it will be great to see what we can do together again for those in need.

Just drop off your donations with us at Brine Leas School between 10am and 1pm.

We thank Brine Leas School sincerely for their support in permitting us to use their car park for the Drop-off and Go event on 26th November.”