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Nantwich Mums Combat Covid Anxiety for Children in New Picture Book

Daisy’s Fuzzy Tummy

Nantwich mums Rachel Sinden and Hannah Morgan have been bringing smiles and reassurances to children all over the UK with their new picture book about children’s Covid anxiety.

‘Daisy’s Fuzzy Tummy’ is about a little girl who, on her 5th birthday, is too concerned about potential sneezes on her cake and not touching gifts to fully enjoy her day, and how mum talks her through it.

Rachel Sinden, Teacher and Director of arts education company ‘Play Pizzazz’, saw a need for relevant, up to date stories and activities to support the anxieties that she was seeing in children. She soon set to work. “At Play Pizzazz, we are all about creative play the mindful way, and empowering parents be the stuff that their kids need, not to buy the stuff”, she explains.

“As a mum, I saw what our children were experiencing, and knew I had the creative solutions to support them. ‘Daisy’s Fuzzy Tummy’ is based around the accounts of friends who described how their children who were usually happy-go-lucky children were behaving anxiously in everyday situations because of the pandemic. I knew I had to do something about it”, she says.

Hannah Morgan, local artist behind the illustration company ‘Hanxmade’ was just the person to create Daisy on the page.

Hannah said “Rachel approached me just over three weeks ago about this idea and in that short time, we’ve worked as a team and brought it to families in the UK and beyond just hours after its release”.

Rachel adds, “We’ve worked incredibly hard to get this to families as soon as possible, and I’m immensely proud of ‘Daisy’s Fuzzy Tummy’.

Rachel goes on to explain how Play Pizzazz goes even further to support families and schools, to mindfully discuss the pandemic with the children in their care. “To support positive conversations and play in a fun way using ideas for the book, I’ve also written something called ‘Daisy’s Companion’, which is available on the website.

It’s only £2.99, full of fun and has relevant ideas to support children to open up a little. There are also wipe clean copies available for schools, so it can be used right away, in a safe way”.

Daisy’s fuzzy tummy is available on the kindle store.

For activity packs, teacher copies and to book sessions with Play Pizzazz around ‘Daisy’s Fuzzy Tummy’ and more, go to Play Pizzazz.