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Nantwich Museum Achieves Target to Acquire Local Prehistoric Hoard

Penannular ring part of Wrenbury hoard

Nantwich Museum reports that its call for donations to acquire a Late Bronze Age hoard has been an astounding success with contributions received or offered by members of the public and commercial organisations.

Museum Manager, Kate Dobson, has expressed her thanks for all the contributions saying, “I have been overwhelmed by everyone’s generosity, which has exceeded the target of £690 and will guarantee acquisition of this valuable addition to our local treasures collection, whilst the overage will enable development of the collection as an inspiration to all our visitors.”  

The hoard, which is around 3000 years old, was found at Wrenbury, precise locations are not generally revealed, and falls under the Treasures Act, 1996. It involves seven objects, the most valuable of which is a gold penannular ring, otherwise known as a “hair-ring” or “ring-money”, which was probably worn for personal adornment on the ears or nose.

The remaining items are unusual consisting of various copper alloy fragments, one being ring-like, but of uncertain function. The museum was offered the opportunity to purchase the hoard because of its accreditation by the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council.

For further information contact: Nantwich Museum (01270-627104) via email (, their websiteFacebook page or Twitter.