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New Dimension at “NEORENAISSANCE” Online Exhibition at Nantwich Museum

Music is a part of the new online “NEORENAISSANCE” exhibition, which can be found at the Nantwich Museum. The online exhibition, by local artist Mark Sheeky, has been developed as the museum remains closed through the ongoing pandemic and continues the policy of featuring temporary exhibitions which would otherwise have been mounted in the Millennium Gallery. “NEORENAISSANCE” is provisionally scheduled to appear on the walls of the gallery later in the year.

Mark Sheeky with frame and painting making the artwork

Mark Sheeky writes of the exhibition: “I have an eclectic output as an artist, spanning painting, sculpture, video, music, writing, performance, and I’ve always liked exploring the links between different media and art forms. My recent art exhibitions have involved other artists and poets to create cross-collaborations and events, and this is a key element for “NEORENAISSANCE”. This online exhibition explores some of these collaborations, and it includes some of my oil paintings which have links with other art forms.”

Mark Sheeky-Bollington Napoleon

“The High Flying Swift” is the image accompanied by the ethereal soundtrack, whilst “Triumph of the Mechanauts” depicts two Victorian time travellers in the year 2791 with poems by John F Keane and Nicol Hulme,

The Museum is scheduled to re-open to the public 10.30 am Thursday 20 May, initially for three days a week, Thursdays-Saturdays when the schedule of temporary exhibitions will resume.

For further information contact: Nantwich Museum (01270-627104) via email (, their websiteFacebook page or Twitter.