News from Cheshire Women’s Cricket League

The League clubs have agreed that, for 2021, the first division will revert to the format in which it was originally intended to play the 2020 season. The teams in this division will be: 
Chester Boughton Hall
Stockport Trinity
Porthill Park

with the teams playing each other home and away.

Division 2 will comprise:
Stockport Georgians 
Porthill Park 2nd XI

Again, this division’s fixtures will be on a home and away basis.

Automatic one-up, one-down relegation has been introduced between the first and second divisions.

There are more significant changes in the third and fourth divisions, where we welcome Hayfield as a new club, and also see Stockport Georgians, Lindow and Nantwich entering second teams in competitive cricket for the first time. 

Division 3 West will comprise:
Hawarden Park
Wistaston Village
Chester Boughton Hall 2nd XI
Nantwich 2nd XI

The Division 3 East teams are 
Didsbury 2nd XI

In each of these divisions, the teams will play each other three times.

Division 4 will comprise: 
Lymm Oughtrington Park
the joint Heaton Mersey & Cheadle team
the Hawk Green team that has relocated from Marple
Stockport Georgians 2nd XI
Lindow 2nd XI

In this division, the teams will play each other on a home and away basis.

It is expected that divisions 1-4 will use the regulations that existed when these competitions last operated in 2019, although the League reserves the right to use regulations more akin to those of the 2020 Summer Series should the Covid-19 position dictate that this is desirable. 

In the Senior Knockout Cup competition, the seeded draw came out as follows

Round One:
Oxton v Chester Boughton Hall Deemons
Stockport Georgians v Ashton-on-Mersey
Woodley v Oakmere Kats
Upton v Appleton Tigers

Senior Knockout Cup Quarter Finals:
Nantwich Vipers v Woodley/Oakmere
Georgians/Ashton-on-M v Didsbury Swordettes
Upton/Appleton v Oxton/Chester
Stockport Trinity Fire v Porthill Park

A simple draw was conducted for the Development Knockout Cup, to be contested by division 3 and 4 teams, and the first round of this is:

1 – Hawk Green – bye
2 – Lindow – bye
3 – Woodley v Stockport Georgians 2nd XI
4 – Hayfield v Heaton Mersey & Cheadle
5 – Didsbury 2nd XI v Langley
6 – Lymm Oughtrington Park Lightning v Hawarden Park
7 – Chester Boughton Hall 2nd XI v Wistaston Swans
8 – Nantwich 2nd XI – bye

The winner of Match 1 will be at home to the winner of Match 2 in the quarter finals etc.

The League XI are scheduled to play the MCC on Thursday August 12 at 1130.

The League is also launching two regional Division 5s of teams that will play softball cricket. 

Division 5 West will comprise:
Leigh 2nd XI
Oakmere 2nd XI
Wistaston Village 2nd XI
Chester Boughton Hall 3rd XI

Division 5 East will comprise:
Langley 2nd XI
North East Cheshire
Stockport Georgians 3rd XI

Didsbury’s Hannah Jones has joined the growing ranks of professional women’s cricketers in England, with Porthill Park’s Evelyn Jones having already been awarded a professional contract last year. Both players were amongst the leading performers in last year’s Rachael Heyhoe-Flint Trophy national regional competition.


Four League teams have entered the National Knockout, and for at least one of these, the journey will end early, as Nantwich and Leigh have been paired together in round one. If Didsbury overcome Blackpool, they then travel to Nantwich or Leigh in the second round. Porthill Park have been paired with Wolverhampton. All first round losers will progress to the Plate competition.