Stuart Mackay

About Stuart

Stuart is the creator, producer and co-presenter of ‘At The Movies’ and has been with The Cat since 2012.  Coming to Crewe in 1999 from the Wirral, he worked with the late Blockbuster Video for 15 years up until its closure.

An obvious huge fan of film, Stuart also enjoys long distance walking, the longest being from Edinburgh to Crewe in 2018 totalling over 400 miles in 3 weeks.  He also enjoys acting, occasionally performing in applied theatre pieces and on stage.

Having studied Photography, he is involved in community groups and charities, and now represents the local Co-Op in community projects in Crewe.

“It was at an event I bumped into The Cat, which was then an internet based radio station, and thought it’d be fun to have a show which focuses on soundtracks from our favourite movies and gives me the chance to continue talking about films long after Blockbuster had closed its doors for good.”