‘Reincarnated Rubbish – Endangered and Extinct’ Exhibition at Nantwich Museum

‘Reincarnated Rubbish – Endangered and Extinct’, an inspired exhibition by creative recycling artist Val Hunt opens at Nantwich Museum on Tuesday 27 September and is due to run until Saturday 10 December.

Sabre tooth

The artwork employs ingenuity, humour and skill to create a fascinating and inspiring selection of sculptural pieces which will appeal to visitors of all ages. Animals including insects, exotic birds, fish and dinosaurs, all on the edge or now extinct, have been made from a selection of throw away material, especially Val’s favourite medium, drinks can metal. The exhibition conveys a subtle message about recycling and preservation, raising awareness of why the creatures are endangered or extinct. It is an opportunity to find out why species are disappearing from this planet at an alarming rate.

Val Hunt

Val retrieves everyday things we throw away and presents them in a new and fascinating dimension. Her work recycles a diverse selection of rubbish from which she creates innovated sculptures, wall hangings, hats and jewellery. The exhibition aims to inspire, inform and encourage everyone to experience the fun of creative recycling. Many of the items are for sale, including a selection of jewellery.

British Seahorse

Plants and animals are rendered extinct as a result of natural or human intervention, the latter including habitat destruction, over hunting and collecting, and pollution. Val comments, “The future of endangered species greatly depends on mankind’s ability to live in harmony with the natural world. Through exhibitions like this, we can help by making people aware of the problems and try and protect the vulnerable creatures sharing the world we live in.”

Her work has been shown in exhibitions around the U.K., Denmark, Japan, United Emirates, U.S.A. and have toured overseas with the British Council. She has worked in many permanent collections. Val won the Gold Award for specialist media in the Craft and Design magazine awards in 2014, was runner-up in 2013 and in 2021 was a finalist in David Shepherd’s global wildlife competition.

Entry to the museum and exhibition is free.

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