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Rotary Club in Clean Up Campaign in Crewe

On Sunday 4th October the Rotary Club of Crewe and Nantwich Weaver joined with the Mayor of Crewe and members of the Railway Cottages Residents Association in Crewe to take part in Keep Britain Tidy and undertake a Rotary Clean Up in the area around the Grade II Listed residential buildings in Betley Street and Dorfold Street.

Following strict COVID 19 protocols and a Risk Assessment designed for the event, volunteers spent 2 hours clearing leaves, weeding borders and sweeping the streets so that the  Railway Cottages could show off their heritage.

Chairman of the Residents Association, Kevin Edwards said, “The Residents have only recently held an open meeting and wanted to tidy up the streets, so we were delighted when the Rotarians offered to help us and even more so when the Mayor indicated that he wished to be involved. Our grateful thanks to them all and to the Crewe Rangers who provided us with materials and for removing the waste”

President of the Rotary Club Simon Yates said, “The Railway Cottages are one of the few buildings in Crewe which showcase the heritage of Crewe and we must never lose it. It was a great pleasure to for Rotarians to help our local community in this unique way and to live up to our motto of Service above Self.”