Rotary Clubs Support for Ukrainian Families

The 4 Rotary Clubs in South Cheshire have come together to obtain 2 Rotary Foundation Grants to support Ukrainian families being accommodated by Crewe and Nantwich residents.

SCB Packing

A Rotary Grant of £2K has been used to cover the cost of 100 Welcome Packs for Ukrainian women and children who are arriving in the UK with next to nothing. The Welcome Packs contain toiletries, cosmetics, female hygiene and baby products and have been created in a collaboration between the Rotary Clubs and Supported Community Business, a Crewe based training organisation for young adults with learning disabilities.

A 2nd Rotary Grant of £2.5K is proposed so that Motherwell, the local charity supporting women can provide a practical befriending/ mentoring service to Ukrainian women and help them integrate into the local community.

At the first meeting Motherwell will provide a Wellbeing Bag and then organise for a trained mentor to meet with twenty women once a week for up to 12 weeks.

President Elect Diane Yates of the Rotary Club of Crewe and Nantwich Weaver said: “The 4 Rotary Clubs in the area have moved rapidly to take advantage of the Rotary grants available to support our Ukrainian friends particularly as it enables us tom respond to the urgent need for disaster relief and to empower women.”