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Sandbach Team Wins Charity’s Inaugural ‘Virtual’ Quiz

Sandbach Virtual Quiz Team

Two families from Sandbach, in Cheshire, have teamed up to win a national charity’s inaugural ‘Virtual’ pub quiz.

Caudwell Children, who provide practical and emotional support to disabled children and their families, created Virtually The Best Pub Quiz Ever! to give members of the public a fun and sociable online experience, whilst also raising vital funds for disabled children.

Whilst entry to the online trivia quiz is free, participants are asked if they would like to make a donation during the registration process.

When a friend told 38-year-old Andy Izzard about the quiz he was determined to enter a virtual team into the competition, which takes place on YouTube every Thursday evening between 8.15pm-9.15pm.

“Obviously, I enlisted my wife Hannah, as she has great all round knowledge,” explained Andy, who is a logistics consultant in a family business.

Having established half of the team Andy invited his old school friend Richard Atwood, and his family to get involved.

The virtual experience also involves the use of FaceTime, to enable teammates to see each other and discuss possible answers during the quiz.

“We had YouTube on a large television running alongside FaceTime, and it worked really well,” enthused Andy. “It was great fun and as we’ve not seen very much of each other recently we had a great time, and the children particularly enjoyed it.”

Hannah Cope, from Caudwell Children, wasn’t surprised by the response of the public to the inaugural weekly quiz and anticipates more players registering in the coming weeks. She said:

“After just a few weeks people are already sick of watching the same old repeats on television and they’ve probably exhausted all the films and box sets on Netflix.

“During the current coronavirus crisis it’s important to stay healthy, both physical and mentally, so by keeping your mind sharp each week by testing yourself on a range of subjects including food, drink and sport, you’ll be helping to maintain you’re wellbeing.”

Andy was shocked to have won but says the team will continue to play whatever the result. As he concluded: “I think we got 48 points and when we found out that we’d won it was a real surprise.

“It’s a great idea and whilst there are a number of virtual quizzes out there the fact that this one gives you the opportunity to donate to such a worthy cause makes a difference.

“I’ve spoken to a lot of friends and members of my family, and they’re all going to register to play this week.

“We really appreciate all the charity’s efforts as a bit of light relief is much needed at the moment, so we’ll continue to play regardless of winning or not.”

Caudwell Virtual Quiz Instructions

To find out more and to register to play online for free visit the Caudwell Children website.

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