Steam & Vintage Gathering Raises Vital Funds for Society

Article and Photographs: Jonathan White

A ‘Steam & Vintage Gathering’ took place at the Peacock Railway on Sunday 24th July 2022.

Pride of Sandbach stream vehicle (photograph: Jonathan White)

The event was organised by the members of the South Cheshire Model Engineering Society and took place on their premises at the rear of The Peacock Inn, Crewe Road, Willaston, Nantwich CW5 6NE.

Miniature-gauge steam train leaves Peacock Halt (photograph: Jonathan White)

Miniature-gauge steam and battery electric (diesel body) train rides were available on the 5-inch railway track which is almost a quarter of a mile in length. 

Visitors view miniature 4-inch scale steam traction engine ‘Maud’ (photograph: Jonathan White)

There was also a display of classic motorcars, military vehicles, miniature steam traction engines, and bicycles, along with a scale-model of the WW1 Model T ‘Crewe Tractor’.

Some of the classic cars on display (photograph: Jonathan White)

The Clubhouse contained a display of locomotives and stationary engines produced by Society members. Drinks and cakes were served by Society volunteers in the Clubhouse. 

Some of the classic cars on display (photograph: Jonathan White)

The event took place in wet weather but was still enjoyed by the numerous visitors who supported the event to raise vital funds for the Society.

Some of the locomotives and engines produced by Society members (photograph: Jonathan White)

A representative of the South Cheshire Model Engineering Society said: “We would like to thank the public for supporting our event, enduring the rain, and friends who provides the vehicle display. There was interest in our new gauge 1 railway that is being built by the members. We look forward to you visiting on our next public running day, which will be promoted through Facebook.”

For further information please visit the South Cheshire Model Engineering Society.