Success on a Plate for New Women’s Safety Charity at Crewe Platinum Jubilee event

A charity promoting the safety and wellbeing of women has set a date for its next meeting after welcoming many visitors to its multicultural-themed stand at Queen’s Park Platinum Jubilee celebration.

Foundation founder Amaka Lawton shared food with friends of the new charity

The Crewe-based Alpha Omega Women, Peace and Security (WPS) Foundation has extended its reach across Cheshire since its first meeting in April where women shared concerns about feeling unsafe in the community and issues they faced at home and at work. 

Cheshire Police and Crime Commissioner John Dwyer (right) was a visitor to the stand

Founder Amaka Lawton, a mum-of-one from Wistaston, said: “The Platinum Jubilee celebration was an opportunity to share news of the Foundation’s work and for local women to meet at our stand. 

Face-painting was a popular attraction at the Foundation’s stand

“We shared delicious international cuisine among friends of the Foundation and children enjoyed the soft play area and visiting our face painter.

“There was a fantastic atmosphere and it was wonderful to meet local people from all walks of life and hear their truly positive feedback about our aims.

“Many came up to us to say ‘good job’ and offer their encouragement.

“As a new charity we are working hard to raise profile and spread the campaign message. This was lovely feed-back.”

Amaka Lawton and Foundation volunteers

The Foundation’s first meeting, staged at the Apollo Buckingham Health Sciences Campus in Crewe, put Cheshire police chiefs in front of women fearful of walking alone and travelling at night as well as others facing mental abuse at home and a culture of male dominance in the workplace.

They expressed concern about children’s physical and mental wellbeing with bullying remaining a key cause for concern despite efforts made by schools.

Amaka added: “Our aim is to improve the lives of vulnerable women and children and promote the ‘Right to be Safe’ at home and in the community.

“Since our launch meeting in April we have worked hard to lobby policy-makers and connect with local councillors, church leaders and voluntary groups.

“We are pleased at their positive responses and have welcomed several volunteers onboard.”

The Foundation, backed by Alpha Omega Securities in Crewe, is putting together a children’s education programme to instill respect towards women at a young age while taking practical steps to increase security.

It has reached out to organisers of Nantwich Street Pastors to re-establish a scheme supporting young people at night. In the past they have given out bottles of water and flip flops to avoid girls taking lifts.

It is recruiting volunteers to become street pastors while planning the introduction of a special taxi scheme.

The Foundation’s next meeting is open to anyone who wants to get involved in supporting local women and children. 

It takes place at Cheshire College, South & West from 10am to 1pm on July 2 and will include a presentation and talk over coffee and cakes. All are welcome.

For more on its work follow the Foundation on social media or email