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Talented Local Photographer Shows Crewe Park in its Best Light

Queens Park Crewe wildlife – photographed by Daniel Bain

Article: Jonathan White
Photographs: Supplied with permission by Daniel Bain.

Crewe photographer Daniel Bain, aged 42, has used his impressive skills in recent months to capture the bountiful flora and fauna of Queens Park on Victoria Avenue in Crewe.

Daniel is originally from Brixton in London and moved north last year to escape the hustle and bustle of the capital city.

Daniel has Asperger syndrome and enjoys the tranquillity of the park and finds the concentration required to take a quality photo helps his condition. Daniel states his photography also overcomes his depression, a common co-morbid of Asperger, as he says many people with Asperger have some level of depression.

The camera equipment Daniel most frequently uses to capture his fantastic images are a Canon EOS M50 camera body with a Tamron 18-400mm lens.

Daniel advises when photographing wildlife to find the right angle for the shot which with wildlife is a low down angle, but the angle is important with almost every type of shot, so get the camera as low down as you can to make the shot look more natural.

Daniel said: “If you photograph what you enjoy you will enjoy photography – it should never be a chore, so please yourself and hope others like it afterwards. Good photographers take bad photos, but they only show the good photos publicly, so don’t feel let down by bad photos. If you take 100 photos and 90% are bad there are still 10 good photos to be proud of. The difference between an amateur and a professional, apart from the level of skill, is that professionals don’t let people see the missed shots.”

Daniel’s photos can be viewed via his Twitter page and via the ‘Queens Park Crewe – The People’s Park’ Facebook page.