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Tesco Generously Replaces Stolen Village Christmas Tree & Lights

Article and Photographs: Jonathan White

Wistaston Memorial Hall on Church Lane in Wistaston was built over seventy years ago in memory of the sixteen men from Wistaston who lost their lives in the Second World War.

Wistaston Memorial Hall, permanently illuminated Second World War plaque above main entrance (photo: Jonathan White)

Wistaston Memorial Hall is decorated annually with Christmas lights along its frontage and a Christmas tree and lights are planted in the Wistaston Bowling Green raised flowerbed adjacent to the Hall.

Wistaston Parish Council provide the Christmas tree and lights each year to the Wistaston Memorial Hall for all to enjoy.

Wistaston Memoral Hall, Christmas lights (photo: Jonathan White)

Unfortunately, in early December this year the Christmas tree, its retaining post and its lights in the flowerbed were removed and stolen. If you saw anything suspicious or know who has taken it, please call 101 quoting IML866756.

The incident was reported to the local police and a request for any information was posted on the Wistaston Police Facebook page.

Sandra Jenkins, a Manager at Tesco Extra on Vernon Way in Crewe, saw the Facebook post and kindly contacted Andrea Cross, Clerk of Wistaston Parish Council. As a result, Tesco have very generously donated a replacement 6ft Christmas tree and a gleaming set of lights, which have now been setup at the same location as the theft.

Wistaston Memoral Hall, replacement Christmas tree and lights donated by Tesco Crewe (photo: Jonathan White)

A Tesco spokesperson said: “When we saw what had happened, we knew we had to help out. We want to be a key part of the communities that we serve and Sandra, and her team, demonstrated that attitude in helping to ensure Christmas celebrations can go ahead at the Memorial Hall.”

A representative from Wistaston Memorial Hall said: “We would like to thank Sandra Jenkins for her actions which demonstrate we have a strong community that really care about Wistaston. The Christmas tree and lights will once again bring joy to the community.”